Wellington Executive Services, Inc.

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Seasonal and Off Season Services
 Some Of The Services We  Offer Are:
 * House Sitting                                                * Floral Arrangements And Gift Baskets
 * Pet Sitting                                                     * Car Transport Pick-Up/Delivery
 * Baby Sitting                                                  * Meet With Car Transport And Put Car In Garage
 * Driver And Limo Service                             * Take Car To Club House And Acquire Bar Code
 * Residence Opening/Closing                         * Change Batteries In Fire Alarms
 * Pre-Arrival Grocery Shopping                     * Hose Down Pool Deck And Patio Furniture
 * Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning                    * Receive Packages
 * Hurricane Preparation                                  * Co-ordinate Residence Move-In/Move-Out
 * Spray For Hornets                                         * Party Co-ordination
 * Cable And Internet Set-Up/Disconnect       * Specialty Meal Pick-Up/Delivery
 * Reservations And Appointments                  * Boot Polishing
 * Travel Planning                                             * Airplane Detailing
 * Take Pets To Vet Or Groomer                      * Auto Detailing
 * Take Vehicles In For Service                         * Dry Cleaning Pick-Up/Delivery
 * Personal Travel Assistant                              * Arrange Maid Service
 * Prescription Pick-Up                                     * Work-Out Partner 
 * Spray Driveway For Weeds 
 * Pressure Wash Driveway, Patio, Garage Floor, Side Walk, Exterior Walls, Patio Furniture,  
           Barn Stalls, Barn Walkways, Boat Dock, Vinyl And Wood Fencing 
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Concierge Services
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